MeltPrep at CRS 
Virtual Meeting 2020

Discover the fastest way from powder to sample.

The MeltPrep VCM Technology is the first lossless method for the screening of thermoplastic dosage forms (e.g. amorphous solid dispersions or implants in the milligram to gram-scale such as ASDs or implants. (intraocular, intratumoral, subdermal, intravaginal). 

vcm 2mm tool.jpg
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Ø 2 mm

up to 10 mm length

1 - 50 mg required

Suitable for implants

The VCM Technology allows the preparation of a homogeneous and defined sample, for use in different characterization methods such as DSC; release testing and solid-state analysis, in less than 10 minutes.

We offer a broad range of VCM Tool Inserts starting from 25 mm to 0.3 mm to address your needs in material characterization and formulation development.  Below is a picture of tiny samples produced by our VCM technology.