VCM Disc Tools

Cylindrical Samples at its Best.

Many measurements require homogeneous cylindrical samples. Examples are: Oscillating Rheology, DSC, surface tensions measurements and many more. MeltPrep has recognized this need and provides a specialized solution for the preparation of cylindrical sample for several dimensions – The VCM Disc Tool.


The VCM Disc includes one VCM Disc Insert with a sample cross section e.g. 25 mm in diameter. The height is simply adjusted by filling weight in the VCM Disc Tool, enabling maximum flexibility. Different circular dimensions can be produced by simply replacing the VCM Disc Insert (available as accessories).

VCM Disc Lid

VCM Disc Tool Main Body

Interchangable VCM Insert

VCM Disc Inserts

Interchangeable VCM Disc Inserts enable fast and cost-efficient production of different dimensions with one VCM Disc Tool. The standard delivery program comprises VCM Disc Inserts with 5, 8, 10, 15, 20, 25 mm. Different dimensions can be manufactured to the customer needs on request.

The separation foils are precisely manufactured for the VCM Inserts. One set consists of one foil for the lateral surface and two cross sectional foils. The separation foils can be reused several times and are one of the key innovations of the MeltPrep Technology. There is no direct contact between the VCM Disc Insert and the sample. No cleaning is required between different materials which enables rapid and lossless sample preparation.

The MeltPrep VCM Tools are delivered in high quality cases for proper transportation and storage.

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