Rapid formulation screening with VCM!

Versatile applications, perfect results.

The MeltPrep VCM technology is a lossless molding technique tailor-made for the molding of small quantities. It can produce thin-films 100µm as well as thick samples 10 mm. The filling weight sets the desired height. Individual by VCM molded layers can be stacked inside the VCM Tool and fused by a final VCM cycle to a solid sandwich with sharp interfaces between the layers. 



The VCM Technology was, for example, used to screen for NuvaRing like formulations consisting of a drug-loaded core and a diffusion barrier/membrane. The significant advantage here is that the process is straightforward compared to a multi-step co-extrusion process chain. It empowers the single researcher to test ideas quickly. Below you can find the links to the according publications.

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