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VCM Pharma Pro

Unlock the potential of a single researcher.

Unleash the potential of individual researchers with the revolutionary VCM process that enables the generation of ASD or implant formulations in minutes, using only milligrams of material. Revolutionize formulation development with the tools to drive innovation in the field.

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Formulation Development First

Develop at the speed of light.

VCM Pharma Pro suitcase

Experience the key advantage of our streamlined approach, characterized by minimal process parameters and the elimination of extensive process development to obtain prototypes. Once the formulation is found, develop the process based on material data derived from VCM samples.

VCM Pharma pro

Prototyping your formulation in the mg-scale

Prepare a lossless prototype of any desired shape in less than 10 minutes. Only a few milligrams of your material are needed. Scale down to the µg range with the smallest size (0.3 mm).

VCM samples
VCM Process formulation screening

Direct use for analysis

VCM Pharma pro

VCM geometries are designed to match relevant measurement techniques. Obtain accurate and reproducible results due to flawless and defined samples.

VCM_DSC differential scanning calorimetry
VCM_dissoutions studies
VCM Pharma pro process development

Speed up process development

Is your formulation working? Perform your process development efficiently and straightforwardly. Your tested formulation is ready for material characterization, enabling simulation & fast scale-up.

VCM sample preparation
Melt rheology
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Hot Melt Extrusion

Screw Design

Hot melt extrusion_Extruder screws

Formulation without process development

The minimum amount of process parameters (melt temperature and time) allows you to quickly create your formulations without the pain of extensive process development.

VCM pharma pro speed up process development
VCM samples
VCM fast sample preparation
VCM Essentials process graphic_new.webp

Sequential Parallelization

At least twice as fast.

The VCM sequential heating and cooling process allows the utilization of two VCM Tools. The cycle time is reduced by two. Thus, a single person can screen twice as many formulations. The VCM Pharma Pro will increase the tested formulations to 10 per hour.

Go big … (Discs 25, 20, 10 and 8 mm) but still <

… in our world, this means less material requirement than the smallest extruder would need. Use large VCM Disc Inserts to create ASDs from 50 mg to 5 g and accelerate your research.

VCM Disc insert
VCM Disc insert
VCM Disc insert
VCM Disc insert

Natural mg habitat … (Rods 0.3, 0.5, 0.8, 1, 2, 3 and Discs 5 mm)

… in which others may struggle, but you feel like a fish in water when materials are precious. Use small VCM Disc Inserts to prep tiny discs (low mg-range) for analytics or implant prototypes.

VCM Disc insert
VCM Disc insert
VCM Disc insert
VCM Disc insert
VCM Disc insert tubes

Little things …  (Accessories and Consumables)

… for a big impact! The VCM Technology is designed to make your daily lab routines as smooth as possible. The accessories include reusable separation foils and a modern temperature logger for accurate temperature acquisitions.

VCM process
VCM Pharma Pro consumables
VCM Pharma Pro temperature logger
VCM Pharma Pro
VCM Pharma Pro main bodies
VCM Pharma Pro accessories_new.webp
Pharma Pro suitcase_new.webp

Flexibility enhancers … (Low Pressure Lids)

… for accurate results! The unique designs reduce the compaction force on the sample and enable the preparation of the smallest prototypes or the processing of low-viscous materials.

VCM Pharma Pro Ultra low pressure lid
VCM Pharma Pro Standard lid
VCM Pharma Pro Low pressure lid
VCM Pharma Pro Lids
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