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Who are our customers?


Our VCM technology is designed for highly challenging pharmaceutical requirements. The benefits of our system have already attracted the attention of different industries. Our clients gain an advantage in their daily routines and accomplish more of their important tasks. See for yourself what our customers say.

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Axel Zeitler
Johanns Khin.
Henry Lu

What do they say?

Real and honest.

Axel Zeitler

Professor, Cambridge University, UK

“Having the MeltPrep system in our lab has completely transformed our preparation of thin films of polymer materials as well as amorphous drug materials for analysis using terahertz time-domain spectroscopy. Previously we had to prepare the films manually on a quartz substrate and assemble the sample on a hot plate. This was not only inconvenient but resulted in poor reproducibility and homogeneity of our samples. Using the MeltPrep we now make samples not only in a fraction of time but with excellent quality each time."

MeltPrep Testimonials Axel Zeitler
MeltPrep Testimonials Johannes Khinast

Johannes G. Khinast

Scientific Director, RCPE GmbH, Austria

"I am very happy about the success of MeltPrep, which was developed at my Institute in the context of Daniel’s Ph.D. Now, the MeltPrep VCM equipment is a valuable element for laboratory routines at my Institute and the Research Center for Pharmaceutical Engineering as it reduces our sample preparation efforts significantly. The increased sample quality leads to higher accuracy of measured material data, which is the basis for precise process development, scale-up and optimization. In addition, it allows rapid prototyping of novel dosage forms (e.g., multilayer structures) without wide-ranging process developments. I am thus looking forward to continuing the excellent cooperation between RCPE and MeltPrep."

Montgomery Shaw

Emeritus Professor, University of Connecticut, USA

"I met the founder, Daniel, at an SPE Conference in Graz. His talk reminded me of the paper Getting the most out of a polymer via vacuum compression molding“ from the 70s, which went along similar lines. However, Daniel from MeltPrep has designed his VCM tools to make VCM simple and reliable."

MeltPrep testimonials Montgomery Shaw
MeltPrep testimonials Henry Lu

Henry Lu

Laboratory Specialist at Shin-Etsu, USA

“MeltPrep is very helpful for polymer rheology study. It requires a very limited amount of material, and the samples obtained were uniform and consistent for the measurement. The sample preparation is also easy and can be done within a short period of time. In addition, MeltPrep was able to produce samples with different sizes/shapes, which makes it suitable for different kinds of rheological tests.”

Kathrin Reusch

Product Manager at Leistritz, Germany

“We are so happy to create small samples of different shapes and sizes such as implants and multilayered systems, just to name a few. We also liked the easy handling as well as all the little details for using the equipment. With this tool, sample preparation is a real pleasure! Besides the sample preparation, we are looking forward to evaluating thermal degradation and much more! I guess we will also get inspired by using it with our customers.”

Reusch Kathrin_VCM testimonials and customers.webp
MeltPrep Testimonials Korbinian Loebmann

Korbinian Löbmann

Ass. Prof. Pharmaceutical Design & Drug Delivery, University of Copenhagen

“The MeltPrep vacuum molding device is an excellent tool for the production of homogeneous and geometrically well-defined specimens and offers a high reproducibility. We use it to shape various materials, ranging from polymer-based formulations to pure small molecular weight materials in the amorphous form. We are satisfied with the convenient, user-friendly, and simple sample preparation. Furthermore, Daniel gives excellent customer support and offers solutions for every potential application.”

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