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VCM Filament Molder

Unchain Limitations of 3D Printing New Materials

Venturing beyond off-the-shelf engineering materials poses challenges in 3D printing projects. Limited material availability and insufficient material knowledge create obstacles in both 3D print development and filament production.

Imagine a filament production process engineered to meet these challenges head-on. Our innovative VCM Filament Molder addresses the complexities of producing filaments from novel materials or formulations, setting a new standard in accuracy, homogeneity, and efficiency.

Filament Molder - Process

The Future of Formulation Development

3D printing revolutionizes pharmaceutical manufacturing for new dosage forms, personalized medicine, and drug delivery systems. In this field, novel chemical compounds are as valuable as diamonds and these unique substances face limited availability as well as stringent biocompatibility standards. Creating effective formulations requires overcoming diverse challenges, including optimizing drug release profiles, stability, and bioavailability. The surge in research using these materials necessitates a revolution in material handling and formulation development.

Exploring new horizons

The VCM Filament Molder is an innovative solution tailored to address the complexities of developing dosage forms using biocompatible filaments. With its lossless and straightforward approach, this cutting-edge technology establishes a fresh benchmark in accuracy and productivity and opens the door to a more efficient material handling process

Precise & Cost-Efficient

Achieving a precise filament diameter of 1.75 mm, our system optimizes material usage, offering substantial cost savings in active ingredients and polymers.

Reduced Throughput Times

With shorter throughput times per formulation, the VCM process saves up to 52% of working time, enhancing overall operational efficiency.

Loss-Free & Material Efficient

The VCM Filament Molder operates loss-free, minimizing material waste and maximizing effectiveness with up to 93% less material usage.

Streamlined Cleaning Process

In conventional processes, significant cleaning is necessary to avoid mixing between formulations. Our VCM process eliminates the need for extensive cleaning, saving time and resources.

Want to Learn More?

Reach out to our experts for a FREE demo and discover the ultimate solution to streamline filament preparation, saving both time and investments in materials.

The VCM Filament Molder

Explore How Innovation Works

The MeltPrep VCM Filament Molder, as an add-on to our VCM platform, offers a simple yet effective solution for achieving a precise diameter accuracy of 1.75 mm as well as homogeneity in filament development. Shape formulations from powder, pellets or VCM sample into 1 m of filament. As the molding process occurs within a spiral arrangement through a PTFE tube, diameter precision can be guaranteed without the need for additional downstream equipment, all within a compact footprint.

The system seamlessly transitions from the VCM heating unit to the cooling unit, where the polymer melt solidifies within the tube. Once the molded filament is cooled, the PTFE tube can easily be removed using the added tube cutter.

VCM Filament Molder_3D printing formulation screening

Cut Costs, Boost Efficiency

Benefits of the VCM Filament Molder

In traditional extrusion processes, a 40 g batch of material theoretically produces over 16 m of filament, but practical needs for formulation development are much lower, about 40 cm for six tablets (150-800 mg each, depending on infill). This process is inefficient, demanding precision in making filaments with a 1.75 mm diameter and often resulting in unusable extrusion during optimization.

 Enter our VCM Filament Molder, a game-changer in efficiency. With less than 3 g of material requirements, our technology reduces waste to a minimum while achieving a precise filament diameter of 1.75 mm every time. Considering the high costs of new active ingredients and polymers, which can reach up to €1000/g and €100/g respectively, the potential for savings is substantial.

Filament Molder - Table Material

With shorter throughput times per filament formulation, the VCM Filament Molder process revolutionizes traditional development approaches. Unlike the traditional method that requires extensive cleaning to prevent mixing between formulations, the VCM Filament Molder process eliminates this need, streamlining production and enhancing efficiency. As a result, up to 50% of the working time can be saved, representing a significant boost in productivity and cost-effectiveness for filament manufacturing operations.

Filament Molder - Table Time

Are You Ready to Embrace Innovation?

Our VCM Filament Molder stands out as a game-changer in an industry where precision, biocompatibility, and cost-effectiveness take center stage. It meets the challenges presented by specialized polymers and sets the stage for a future where innovation and efficiency coexist seamlessly.

Discover a new era in filament production with MeltPrep's VCM Filament Molder, a revolutionary solution that optimizes efficiency and precision and transforms the landscape of pharmaceutical development. Reach out to our experts for a FREE demo and discover the ultimate solution to streamline filament preparation, saving both time and investments in materials.

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