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Mass Calculator

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Use this calculator to determine the amount of material needed for your sample.

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Density Calculator

Height Calculator

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Before you start

The Mass, Height, and Density Calculator are designed to help you calculate the dimensions of your VCM samples. The VCM Filament Molder Calculator assists in determining the material required for filament creation for 3D printing processes.

The Mass Calculator calculates the amount of material required to obtain a certain sample height. All you need is the density of the material used, the desired height, and the diameter of the sample. 

The Height Calculator helps you to determine the resulting height of a cylindrical VCM sample based on your desired amount of material. The height will easily be calculated by entering the density and your desired sample diameter and mass of the material in the spaces provided.

The VCM Filament Molder Calculator determines the material needed for filament creation in the VCM Filament Molder. Enter the material density to obtain the necessary amount for your filament.​

The Density Calculator calculates the mass of a unit volume of your sample. Choose the desired diameter to calculate density, then enter your sample's height and mass.

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