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Free-D Molding

New geometries with batches < 1 g

Creating prototypes has a high value for new developments. Testing a prototype increases the chance of success and ensures that developing a manufacturing process is worth it. Especially for new dosage forms when materials are rare and expensive, prototyping with batch sizes less than a gram gets essential.

Free-D molding technology

How does Free-D molding work?

It provides what 3d printing promises.

The promise of 3D printing is rapid and straightforward prototyping, which works excellently for engineering materials. When changing the material, the whole process gets challenging. Free-D molding combines the benefit of 3d printing and our VCM technology. We start shaping with an engineering material and make the prototype with only a few process parameters.


Free your ideas from the dusty drawers and unleash your creativity to create new dosage forms.

Start with your idea

Generate your prototypes in less than a day with batch sizes smaller 1 g and use them directly for your research.

Start with your research

Creating prototypes using engineering materials and standard processes is straightforward and easy to use.

3d print with an engineering material

In-house customized molding

A negative of the 3d-printed prototype is produced in-house fitting in all our VCM inserts.

VCM process with minimal material

New idea?

Free-D molding - 3d printing free molds implant samples prototyping
Free-D molding - 3d printing free molds implant samples prototyping_heart shapes
Free-D molding - 3d printing free molds implant samples prototyping_engineering material
Free-D molding - 3d printing free molds implant samples prototyping_customized molding
VCM Free-D molding_3d printing technology

Combining the benefit of the VCM process with the freedom of geometries gives the highest chance of success for new dosage forms.

What geometries are possible?

We are looking for new challenges!

We have already created many different geometries for a versatile field of applications. From subcutaneous dosage forms, via oral tablet shapes, to tiny inner-ear implants. Do you have any new ideas? Please get in contact with our experts to request your customized Free-D mould!

Free-D molding - 3d printing free molds implant samples prototyping_geometries available
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