VCM Product Family

Modular and continuously growing.


VCM Essentials

 Simplicity and precision.

The VCM Essentials provide a tailormade environment for the VCM Tools. The highest reproducibility and safe operation are obtained. Thanks to the easy-to-use VCM Essentials, samples with unmatched quality can be produced within minutes without the need for tedious process development or cleaning.

MeltPrep VCM Products and Tools - Hot melt extrusion formulation screening


Vacuum clamping valve

Water cooling

Cooling air valve

VCM process

Moved manually after melting.

Cooling air

Vacuum clamping valve

Vacuum valves VCM Tools

VCM cooling process
VCM cooling process
VCM heating unit

Heating Unit

VCM vacuum unit
VCM cooling unit

Vacuum Unit

Cooling Unit

          VCM Tool

(during solidifying)

VCM cooling unit process
VCM heating unit process

            VCM Tool

(during melting)

Vacuum Unit

Vacuum Compression Molding - Vacuum applying

0,1 mbar

1 atm

High vacuum levels, as well as arbitrary levels, can be set thanks to an integrated controller. The user-friendly distribution system with individual switchable vacuum circuits supplies up to two VCM Tools and the vacuum clamping ports.

VCM Tools

The heart of the technology.

The VCM Tool family serves as a modular solution to face the wide-ranging requirements of sample dimensions. The Disc Tool is equipped with a 25 mm Disc Insert and the Bar Tool with a 10x40 mm Bar Insert. They are designed for thermoplastic materials at viscosities above 100 Pas.

Heating Unit

Vacuum Unit

Cooling Unit

VCM Disc Tool - Hot melt extrusion formulation screening
MeltPrep VCM disc tool - Hot melt extrusion formulation screening

Disc Lid

Disc Insert


Main Body

VCM Disc Tool

Cylindrical samples.

VCM Bar Tool

VCM Bar Tool - DMTA measurement
VCM bar tool - DMTA measurement

Bar Lid

Bar Insert

Elongated samples.
VCM samples - hot melt extrusion formulation screening


Unlimited Heights

The sample height can be easily adjusted between 0.1 and 10 mm by changing the filling weight.


VCM Inserts

You decide.

Different material characterizations require various sample geometries and dimensions. The shape of the VCM Insert defines the cross-section of the sample. Five disc and one bar dimensions cover a broad range of the standard tests. No worries if you cannot find your dimension, we also provide custom solutions.


Heating Unit

VCM dimensions - Hot melt extrusion formulation screening

VCM Disc Insert

11 Diameters.

VCM Bar Insert

2 Rectangles.

5 x 20 

Available Dimensions (mm range)











VCM Accessories

Simplifying things.

The VCM Technology is designed to make your daily lab routines as smooth as possible. The accessories include separation foils which are reusable consumables and a modern temperature logger for accurate temperature acquisitions.


VCM Separation Foil - Sample preparation for pharmaceutical formulations screening

Vacuum Unit

Separation Foil Packs

Saves you weeks of cleaning.

One pack consists of 100 sets of separation foils. Thanks to the precise cut of the foils, the best possible results are guaranteed.

VCM foils - Sample preparation for pharmacautical formulation screening

Heating Unit

Temperature Logger

Temperature Logger - VCM sample preparation of thermoplastic materials
A tireless clerk.

Temperature is the most important parameter of the VCM process. Data can be gathered and evaluated easily by using a smartphone or PC via Bluetooth.

VCM Sample preparation of thermoplastic materials

VCM Lids

Flexibility enhancers.

In laboratories, tasks are diverse. Additional lids for the VCM Disc Tools allow you to accomplish even more tasks. The special designs allow either integrating spectroscopic tools or reducing compaction pressure, enabling preparation using materials with lower viscosities.

Heating Unit

Spectroscopy Lid - VCM Disc Tool

Vacuum Unit

Spectroscopy Lid for VCM Disc Tool

Provides insights.

The VCM Tool is equipped with a glass window above the sample. A spectroscopy sensor can be installed. Changes during melting and solidification as well as degradation can be investigated.

Cooling Unit

VCM Spectroscopy Sensor - Sample preparation of thermoplastic materials

Glass window

Molten sample



Low Pressure Lid for VCM Disc Tool - low viscosity materials

Low Pressure Lid for VCM Disc Tool

For low viscous materials.

The low-pressure lid reduces compaction pressure and increases the applicability of the VCM Tool for processing lower viscous samples. Preparing low viscous samples using the standard lid may cause unwanted leaking.

Low pressure lid - VCM sample preparation of thermoplastic materials