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Embrace creativity with polarization

Polarizer Contest

Upload your creative photo here to get the chance to win a VChamber Family for your lab!


Let's play!

Polarizer Contest

How it Works

  1. Fill out the form and upload your favorite photo.

  2. Every quarter, we will carefully evaluate the submissions.

  3. The most creative entry will be chosen, and the winner will be awarded the VChamber Family.

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Thanks for submitting!

The VChamber Family

VChamber white knob images_contest prize.webp

The VChamber Family is designed to complement the ethos of Frugal Science, offering a versatile solution that empowers researchers to think outside the box without breaking the bank. The all-purpose vacuum chambers are designed for professional use in the pharma, food, and plastic industries. These chambers are ideal for drying, melting, and tempting powders, pellets, or granulates. Learn more about VChamber

Showcasing Your Brilliance

We believe every creative endeavor deserves recognition. Therefore, to ensure none of your ingenuity goes unnoticed, all submissions will be prominently featured on our website and shared across our social media platforms. Together, let's celebrate the art of ingenious connections in the world of frugal science!

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Keep updated!

Experimenters, it's your time to shine! No need to worry about photography skills – just upload, and our creative team will sprinkle some magic with photo editing. Every idea is valuable, and we can't wait to see what you've got!

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